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Why Us

We emphasize on the importance of teamwork which is one of our core values. "PRECISION MACRO and LASER MICRO-MACHINING" is what we do, and "VERSATALITY" & "VALUE" is what sets us apart from the competition and what our customers appreciate most about us. INOTECH LASER continually identifies new innovations and technologies to help our customers achieve superior and breakthrough results. INOTECH LASER is more than just a MACHINING SOLUTIONS PROVIDER; we are an extension of our customer’s manufacturing process and a key contributor to their team. It’s this commitment to our customers that has resulted in our success.

Our Mission

Our mission is "to provide complex yet cost effective, value-added, extremely reliable MACRO and LASER MICRO-MACHINING solutions that help our customers with their manufacturing needs". By doing so we can help our customers manufacture world class products and quickly bring them to market.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is "Somewhere between making a profit and satisfying the client lies VALUE. A client subjected to a value added product and service subsequently contributes to the profit and growth of our company"

Our Culture

At INOTECH LASER we believe in teamwork, working hard, and having fun. By working as a team with our employees, suppliers, and customers we can accomplish almost anything.

Our Capabilities


Machining & Laser choices

We will use the correct Machining technology such as Milling, EDM, Lathe, 5-axis machining or LASER TECHNOLOGY for your specific application from EXCIMER to CO2 lasers. Our experienced staff of engineers can assist you in your PROTOTYPE - > ENGINEERING - > MANUFACTURING needs using the most appropriate technology at hand.

Continuous Improvement

We at INOTECH LASER are making a sincere efforts to improvise and innovate. Your costs are guaranteed to decrease over a period of time when we achieve a LOCK ON YOUR PROCESS PARAMETRES.