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Founded in 2010 and Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA...INOTECH LASER PROCESSESSING is a minority owned company providing world class high precision machining and assembly services such as 5-AXIS MACHINING, MILLING, WIRE-EDM MACHINING, LATHE MACHINING, LASER CUTTING, LASER WELDING, LASER MARKING and SHEETMETAL FABRICATION addressing a range of industrial and manufacturing needs.

We cater to the MEDICAL, OPTO-MECHANICAL, SEMI-CONDUCTOR, AUTOMOTIVE, SOLAR and DEFENCE sectors all over the country.

We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9001:13485 and ITAR certified. We are well known for the high value we provide our customers through our cost effective service, rapid crisis response, quick turn around time frames, stream-lined project management and superb quality fulfillment. We boast of an unparallel service support.

Ours is a 50000 sq ft facility housing an extensive equipment arsenel to fulfill any and all of your machining needs. We proudly claim to be a ONE STOP MACHINING solutions provider to our valuable clients. Our NICHE involoves high precision tight tolerance complex machining and large volume production.

We participate with our customers in the entire product life cycle, from rapid turnaround for low-volume engineering prototypes, all the way through cost-effective volume production in 100,000+ unit quantities. Our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility will fulfill all of your machining and assembly needs.

INOTECH LASER PROCESSING has well over 100 combined years of experience in LASER TECHNOLOGIES and CONTRACT LASER MICRO-MACHINING. Each member of our team brings an invaluable wealth of experience into every project and that is clearly reflected in our systems and our extremely satisfied clients. Our extensive applications experience is second to none. Our engineering and service support team will stand by you and serve you from the inception stage of your designs to the final realization and production of your flagship products.

We follow the CONCEPT to COMPLETION model where we take the journey along with our client from a Simple PDF drawing in its most initial ITERATION to the eventual COMMERCIALIZATION of the part.

INOTECH LASER delivers BEST-IN-CLASS services to customers using our proven technology that guarantees quality production with IMPROVED YIELDS, HIGHER THROUGH-PUT, REDUCED CYCLE TIMES, IMPROVED PRODUCTION CAPABILITY and GREAT VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT.

Our objective is to grow with our customers and assist them in the success of their Business!